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Dr Rowena Riek

Rowena Riek is a Performing Arts teacher with experience in primary, secondary, tertiary as a music and dance specialist. She has been involved in the development and implementation of the classroom music and dance curricula in Queensland schools, the direction and production of musical theatre performances, and instrumental and vocal performances in both schools and community contexts for many years.  Rowena has also worked in the arts industry as a practitioner and researcher and as a tutor and lecturer at QUT and Griffith University.  Rowena completed her PhD at Griffith University in 2014.   
Rowena’s thesis examined how the trends of globalisation, neo-liberalism and performativity have influenced global, national and local education policy.  As a result of ‘policy borrowing’ mechanisms such as a high-stakes testing and standardisation of curriculum have been adopted by Australian schools in the form of NAPLAN and the Australian Curriculum.  These policies have filtered down from their origins in global education reform movements such as the knowledge economy, accountability frameworks and neo-liberalism.  The thesis also considered the importance of creativity in education. 
As a Performing Arts teacher with more than 25 years’ experience working in Queensland state and independent schools, Rowena is keenly interested in how policy shifts have affected arts education, creativity and teacher practice.  She is currently working in the independent sector, implementing a performing arts program (music, dance and drama) according to the Australian Curriculum.  

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