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Band Lab: Playing simultaneously is not the same as playing together

Presented by Karl Farren: There's something very special about the feeling you get when you're playing or singing with other musicians, and it 'clicks'.  Whatever the lineup, there are fundamentals that apply. 

Do you ‘hear’ band arrangements of songs in your head, but have never had the opportunity to try them out?  Well, this is it!  The aim of this workshop is to develop the skills necessary to make great music as part of a band, as opposed to just jamming or playing solo.  These skills are invaluable, whether preparing for live performance or in pre-production for recording. In this workshop you'll develop your ability to play as part of a unit, and to communicate more effectively with other musicians. This is NOT about being a virtuoso player.  It's about playing a part that contributes to the whole.  It will be very 'hands-on'. 

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