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Anime self-portraits

A Session of the: 

The Japanese animation and illustration styles known as Anime and Manga, are incredibly popular with many young teens. This hands-on workshop shows how you can make a painted self-portrait incorporating aspects of Anime style – a project that will be a hit with your class!

Learn essential acrylic painting techniques and methods of planning, designing and adapting that will enable you to easily create a unique expression of identity that reflects visual, global culture of today. (Just imagine yourself with spiky hair and big eyes!) Your students will have no trouble recognizing the key visual conventions used in Anime and Manga and will be keen to adapt their own facial features, hair and accessories to this style.

Offering obvious links to curriculum priorities (Asian culture, literature & identity), this is a great project to assess the achievement standard for Years 5 to 6. It offers students plenty of scope to express ideas about themselves, whilst using influences from a different culture and place. The end result clearly demonstrates the development of their representational and conceptual skills… and they enjoy it!

Hands-on experience, lesson plan and resources are provided! 


Jennie Jackson

Jennie Jackson is presently working part-time as a primary art specialist and has taught visual art to students aged 5-75 years.  She is passionate about teaching and has worked in arts education in primary and secondary schools and also at the Queensland College of Art. Whilst working as Manager of Education at the Art Gallery of Western Australia she was involved in developing activities for school visits, public education programs and professional development workshops for teachers.  As an artist she has exhibited nationally and internationally.

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