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Graffiti Name Plates

A Session of the: 

Engage your students with an engaging exploration of contemporary culture by teaching them how to create their own name in the style of graffiti art.

Is graffiti good? This workshop will equip you to lead a discussion about the rights and responsibilities associated with graffiti and will provide you with a step-by-step plan to develop your students own unique graffiti name. Explore the Elements of Art by learning how to create a ‘tag’ (line) and a ‘throw’ (shape) to develop the final ‘piece’ (form). You will try out different options for backgrounds and experiment with materials that are far more classroom-friendly than spray paint.

Lesson plans are provided, so you can take this straight into your classroom for an exciting end of year project.


Clare Dyer

Clare Dyer is passionate about the value of art in children’s lives. She is a primary school art teacher who strives to provide engaging curriculum for her students, develop community involvement through family Hands on Arts Evenings and has recently been funded to start an Art Enrichment Club at her school. 

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