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The Angelique-Art Sculpture Award

We are privileged to again present The Angelique-Art Sculpture Award,

open to all State and Catholic Primary Schools in Queensland.

"Dew Sipper" at Cannon Hill State School (2012 recipients)

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(Please note: This slideshow has the 2013 dates, but the rest is still relevant!)



Antone Bruinsma writes:

I hope that this Award will be a small catalyst that will foster not only a greater appreciation and acceptance of the 3D arts, but also the encouragement for more creation of it. I am quite excited by the prospect of introducing something to the community that has been created with love and joy. I therefore named the Award after my two children, my beautiful son Art who died soon after birth, and Angelique who has lifted my spirits and renewed my faith in creating.

My earliest recollection of encountering stone sculpture was in the school-­‐yard of my primary school in Amsterdam. It was a tall abstract carving in a very dark stone. I was at that school for four years before we moved to the country-­‐side in the North-­‐East of the Netherlands where stone-age dolmens are scattered and symbolic reminders of where our ancient ancestors had previously lived their lives. The modern and ancient expressions in stone had something quite significant in common ‐ they were both a very normal part of the environment, either in the urban or in the natural landscape.

Over the course of my professional career I have enjoyed seeing children interact with a number of my sculptures. They may have been distant reminders of my own play time in school in Holland. Although as an artist, I can also relate to the joy of imagination, playtime and creation that children express so well.

A few years ago, I loaned one of my sculptures to the school that my daughter attended. The students, staff and parents thought it was wonderful to have it there, and it was with some regret that I removed the artwork many months later.

I consider myself fortunate in regard to having had the exposure to the public art that I had in my childhood. And a bit sad that a lot of primary school children here in Queensland don't have that same opportunity. All these factors came together, as they say, "In that epiphanic moment". I thought of giving every primary school in Queensland the chance to receive one of my sculptures. Well, one for every year that my daughter Angelique would still be at primary school (now in grade four).

I sincerely hope you all have fun with your submissions and learning a bit more about sculpture in the process. It is my intention to present imaginative sculptures for selection for this Award. And with your interest, participation and help, we can make this wonderful place a little bit more special for our children -­‐ because they are worth it!

Thank you and good luck.

Antone Bruinsma

Please download and read the following information:



Rules for Entry

Entry is open to all State and Catholic Primary Schools in Queensland.


Installation of the sculpture.

The outdoor sculpture will be coated with a sealant and therefore will also be low-­‐maintenance.

Each outdoor sculpture will be provided with design drawings for the re-­‐enforced concrete footing(s) which will be the responsibility of the awarded school to construct. Considering the scale of the sculptures for the Award (less than one tonne), the required footing(s) will be of a modest scale and cost.

The artist is happy to provide assistance or advice where possible to ensure a successful placement of the artwork. (Instructions for installation will also be provided.)

The artist is also offering delivery and installation free of charge for any school in South-­‐East Queensland. Schools outside this region can negotiate a delivery fee with the artist, or alternatively arrange transport themselves. (Queensland Rail and other transport companies will be approached for support andassistance with delivery if required).

Please be aware that the school will be responsible for the installation costs.

To win the sculpture, your school needs to complete a submission.

Creative entries are encouraged.

For submission instructions or to submit an entry, please Click Here.

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