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STEAM WORKSHOP - Breaking down the border between Art and Science

Breaking Down the Border Between Art and Science

A practical STEAM workshop with a focus on Science and the Arts.



Participants will learn basic strategies to create movement and how to make an object come alive.

This workshop will create movement through manual forces and machines. Participants will understand the language / materials of movement by exploring science concepts of push, pull, direct and non-direct contact by constructing movement through use of manual and machine forces. They will work scientifically by predicting, testing and suggesting improvements.


Participants will create a kinetic sculpture that communicates ideas and expresses personal views by using the materials they have explored and tested.

Participants can choose to collaborate or work individually.

Participants can take home a choice of a sculpture, photos/ videos of collaborative sculptures, hand out from workshop, photos of materials recommended by the presenter, website links.

As found objects will be used in the sculpture participants are welcome to bring along objects they would like to include in a kinetic sculpture. Please bring phones/cameras to record process, sculptures etc.

Presenter – Sandra Landolt

Sandra is an artist who has exhibited in Europe and Australia she creates movement using found objects to communicate her ideas and personal viewpoints. She is also a teacher. This combination enables her to clearly demonstrate how to work with children in highly engaging arts/ science learning experiences that produce creative innovative projects.     


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