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2016 September Twilight Conference Presenters

Kerrie Ryder

Kerrie is a primary art teacher at St Margaret's Anglican Girls' School. 

Valerie Rogers

Valerie is a prep teacher at Seven Hills State School. She recently presented at a GOMA teacher outlook program.

Deb Mostart

My art practice is 25 years young and involves drawing, painting and lately, some sculpture. I believe in these uncertain days we need to have art that shows us that beauty, grace and truth still exist. I feel I am searching for ways to talk about these themes using gentle, offbeat narratives and a crisp aesthetic.

Dr Rowena Riek

Rowena Riek is a Performing Arts teacher with experience in primary, secondary, tertiary as a music and dance specialist. She has been involved in the development and implementation of the classroom music and dance curricula in Queensland schools, the direction and production of musical theatre performances, and instrumental and vocal performances in both schools and community contexts for many years.  Rowena has also worked in the arts industry as a practitioner and researcher and as a tutor and lecturer at QUT and Griffith University.

Joy Pohlner

Joy has a utiilised The Arts in education as a focus through her teaching career. Her innovative ways have brought about authentic learnings and understandings. This workshop will use drawing Investigations based on the Reggio Emiilia approach and will support literacy in the Early Years .

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