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Bringing ACARA to life in The Arts

In this workshop processes and skills identified in visual art ACARA content descriptors will be demonstrated. A real unit planned from ACARA for Preps, but easily adapted for older children, will be unpacked, including stunning images of real work samples. A conversation about current thinking on Assessment in ACARA and specifically in the arts will be facilitated.

This session will include a presentation on using Indigenous artist, Sally Gabori’s artwork for inspiration. 


Joy Pohlner

Joy has a utiilised The Arts in education as a focus through her teaching career. Her innovative ways have brought about authentic learnings and understandings. This workshop will use drawing Investigations based on the Reggio Emiilia approach and will support literacy in the Early Years .

Valerie Rogers

Valerie is a prep teacher at Seven Hills State School. She recently presented at a GOMA teacher outlook program.

Kerrie Ryder

Kerrie is a primary art teacher at St Margaret's Anglican Girls' School. 

Session Timing: 
4.00 - 5.00
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