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Manipulating Light

'Manipulating light' and 'exploring the source of light' are key concepts actively constructed in this 'Exploring Light through Science and Art' workshop based on the Reggio Emilia approach.

In this workshop participants will

  • see and hear about the theory of the Reggio Approach at Cannon Hill State School.
  • explore light using a variety of materials
  • create and test theories
  • construct a solution to a 'light provocation'

At Cannon Hill State School we have been working with the Reggio Approach and have created an Atelier of light. This studio gives children the opportunity to explore many possibilities in different ways, as they construct their understanding of light through multiple hands on experiences.


Joy Pohlner

Joy has a utiilised The Arts in education as a focus through her teaching career. Her innovative ways have brought about authentic learnings and understandings. This workshop will use drawing Investigations based on the Reggio Emiilia approach and will support literacy in the Early Years .

Session Timing: 
4.00 pm
Session Venue: 
5.30 pm
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